Laser Hair Removal

We use the Cynosure Elite+ laser system, a popular choice for laser hair removal. This treatment could permanently reduce hair growth by up to 90% and leave your skin feeling smoother.

Laser Hair Removal

The most efficient type of hair removal now available is laser hair removal, which could permanently reduce hair growth by up to 90% and leave your skin feeling smoother. Almost anywhere on the entire body can be treated, even in delicate places like the face and bikini line, and it is suitable for both men and women of all skin tones. In contrast to conventional hair removal techniques like waxing, depilatory lotions, and shaving, laser hair removal produces results that persist for a very long time without causing irritation or ingrown hairs. With each treatment, the hair’s growth will slow down even more and the hair will also get finer and softer, making it less noticeable.


Cynosure Elite+ is a multifunctional FDA-approved, contactless dual-wavelength system that is highly effective and efficient in laser hair removal. It engages 2 brilliant laser systems (755NM ALEXANDRITE and 1064NM ND: YAG laser) to remove unwanted hairs, switching between the two wavelengths based on the patient’s skin and hair types.

Cynosure Elite+ removes unwanted hairs precisely even in small and delicate body parts, such as the intimate area, inside the ears and around the hairline. The process does not involve any chemical substances encountering the skin, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. The procedure is quick and suitable for both men and women. On top of that, the system also helps smooth the skin and delivers a painless and cooling sensation.​

● Contactless

The use of levitation technology ensures a contactless and bacteria-free experience. Guaranteed ease and comfort for clients as the treatment gets rid of excess hair quickly without irritating the skin.​

● Quick & Effective

The large circular 18mm spot size allows wider reach, higher energy, and deeper penetration. By creating an intense photothermal impact twice per second, this treatment removes excess hair 5 times faster than old laser systems, which can take as much as one year or more. Results are noticeable after one single session, and treated areas usually see a complete hair removal results after 6 sessions or more.​

● Comfortable & Painless

During the treatment, Cynosure’s unique SMARTCOOL system continuously emits strong cold air to ensure temperature on the client’s skin surface is within safety standards. The cooling air works almost as well as applying anesthesia so there is no need to apply any gel. The cooling system can be personalised according to clients’ needs and ensure ease and comfort during the hair removal process.​

● Safe & Risk Free

This laser treatment can destroy hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissues. It is completely safe and does not impair the ability to sweat.

● Improved Skin Texture

During the treatment, controllable heat damage is induced to trigger clients’ wound healing mechanism. By stimulating the activity of fibroblast cells, cytokines and growth factors are released to encourage collagen and elastin formation. Apart from hair removal, the procedure also helps smooth wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, redness and acne scars, even out complexion and improve the overall appearance of the skin.​

● Personalised Treatment

With 7 spot sizes available, a pulse width that can go as far as 300MS the practitioner can switch between the two laser wavelengths during the procedure to provide a customised and highly effective treatment tailored to different clients’ designated areas to treat, including the underarm, groin, feet, arms, face or the whole body.

● Minimal Downtime

The treatment does not damage or scar the skin, which means there is no downtime or interruption to clients’ work or normal life.