SPMU – Semi Permanent Makeup

Microblading and lip blushing are two semi-permanent makeup techniques that have gained popularity in recent years. These procedures can enhance your natural features and save you time in your daily makeup routine. Microblading can help create fuller-looking eyebrows, while lip blushing can help you achieve the perfect lip color. Both procedures can boost your confidence and help you achieve your beauty goals.

Our SPMU treatments are tailored to your unique preferences, skin tone, and facial structure. With our commitment to using high-quality pigments and sterile techniques, you can trust that your SPMU experience will be safe, hygienic, and designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Say hello to time-saving beauty solutions with our SPMU treatments. Book your consultation with our SPMU specialists today, and let us create a customized plan to enhance your features and boost your confidence with semi-permanent makeup.

Microblading Brows

Powder Ombre Brows

Permanent Lips Colour

Invisible Eyeliner

Top-up Session after 4-8 weeks